Everything Is Alright #2 is tomorrow!

It’s rolled around so quickly!

Tickets are available HERE!

We are hoping to raise a lot of money for a great charity in Oasis Domestic Abuse Service. They have been absolutely brilliant in their support for EIA#2 and provide an incredible service to the local community. Read about their work here.

Image result for oasis domestic abuse

The purpose of the ‘Everything Is Alright’ shows is to encourage a more welcoming and diverse local music scene in all it’s various aspects. Our beautiful flyers were designed by six local female artists, and we would like to thank Amie Leeb, Grace Grigson, Carmen Tyrell, Hannah Park, Hannah Ellis and Katy Austin for their stunning work.

We cannot wait to see the phenomenal MILK TEETH in a sub-200-capacity venue! They are going to do incredible things in 2019, including playing the Slam Dunk Festival, massive tours and releasing more music! Check out ‘Stain’ as a teaser!

Salvation Jayne released their brilliant self-titled EP late last year, got featured on Planet Rock’s ‘One’s To Watch’ column and unleashed the creepy, cool video for ‘Cortez’. We feel so lucky to have such a talented group playing EIA#2. Check out ‘Cortez’!

One of our highlights of EIA#1 was Sophy Jay, blasting through her amazing set while a row of young kids sat on the floor and watched, loving what they were seeing. We like to think that those kids were inspired by what they saw. Sophy writes brilliant, earworm-y songs and backs them with a powerful performance.

Kicking off EIA#2 is Jess Pender! Jess is a young, up-and-comer that came highly recommended from Sophy Jay; Her videos show the range of her talent, and we are delighted that we get the opportunity to have her perform to Margate!

Our venue is Elsewhere, Margate. Located in the town centre, the record shop alone is worth the visit. Alex and Sammy have been wonderfully supportive and encouraging of EIA#2, and we appreciate them opening their doors to us and giving us the space to work in.


As for us; we’ve got a ton of cool surprises for everyone, and even some new songs! It’s a Hands Up show that you won’t want to miss, we’ve worked really hard to make this as SPECIAL as we can!

We are SO GRATEFUL to the people that have offered their time, the businesses that have offered goods and everyone that is braving the cold to come out for EIA#! THANK YOU!

You can get your tickets HERE!

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